Best Soap for a high-pressure water washer cleaner


Pressure washer’s clean surfaces that get stained with tough stains. These machines are ideal for cleaning driveways, concrete surfaces, decks, and sidings. It’s hard to remove some tough stains if you use plain water to clean surfaces. The best way to tackle long-time tough stains is to use detergents or soap to get effective results.

Is it possible to use dish soap in cleaning?

It’s possible to use dish soap in a pressure washer. You need to dilute the dish soap first using hot water. It’s a step that will ensure that the machine doesn’t clog. On the contrary, this diluted soap doesn’t work like the soaps designed for high pressure water washer cleaner.

Here you will get answers to the questions about using detergents in pressure washers. You will access various formulas for making your soap and the commercial soaps you can buy.

Dawn dish soap

It’s possible to use dish soap in your machine, but it needs proper dilution using hot water. Take one tablespoon of liquid from the soap and add 1.5 quarts of hot water. Use the mixture to clean your surfaces. Using this soap isn’t very effective like those the special washer detergents.

The power washers use hot water to clean the surfaces that you can’t clean easily if you use other methods. The detergent improves cleaning the machines cleaning capacity.

Do you want to clean any surface but don’t have enough pressure washer detergent? Do you want to clean tough stains but don’t have any special detergent for pressure washers? The solution is to use the down soap in your machine. It’s readily available and magnificent, but the cleaning results might not be suitable as when using special detergents for pressure washers.

What’s the best soap to use in your machine?

The type of soap to use in your machine will depend on the surface you want to clean. For instance, simple green is a perfect detergent for cleaning the outer surfaces of a house. The simple green detergent for sidings and houses is the best fit for cleaning your house sidings. The Karcher detergent best fits your car, while the sun joe is a perfect option for home deck cleaning.

Use the soap in the machines to clean dirt and stains from diverse surfaces. The type of soap you want to use in the washer will depend on the surface type you will clean. The soap to clean concrete surfaces differs from the soap to clean house sidings. The reason for this is these surfaces have different materials and stains. Each stain has a unique formula to remove it. You need to be keen to work effectively on any stain type that you want.

Simple green soap

It’s a detergent for outdoor cleanings like driveways and concrete surfaces. The soap has peroxide that cleans surfaces and a formula that doesn’t have any adverse side effects while meeting the US EPA safety standards of safe products.

Simple green detergent for siding and house

It’s ideal for house siding cleaning. It has peroxide and biodegradable formulae to clean house sidings without causing any damage.

Karcher detergent for pressure washers

Ideal for washing cars. It won’t cause damage and has car washing wax and foam to give better results.

Sun joe detergent

It’s ideal for house decks. It has a bleach-free formula safe for deck cleaning.


Despite the type of detergent, you are using, always check the machine’s pressure to limit damages.


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