How To Prepare Lace Front Wig Before Wearing It For The First Time


Lace front wigs are currently must-have hair products for most women internationally. They are attractive hairpieces with a natural appeal. Lace front wigs are also easy to install. However, before installing your lace front wig, there are a few things you must do to get it ready.

Preparing your lace front wig before wearing it for the first time

There is more to put on your lace front wig for the first time than getting it out of the package and placing it on your head. Below are some things you can do before walking out with your lace front wig for the first time;

1. Trimming the lace of your lace front wig

The defining characteristic of lace front wigs is that they are made of a sheer lace material at the front. The lace usually covers the entire front area of the head, from ear to ear. Most manufacturers typically leave extra lace material at the front. This is generally done to keep the wig from getting damaged by the hairs at the front coming off. It also helps protect the lace from pre-mature damage.

However, you cannot walk out of your house with the extra lace hanging at the front of the wig. Cutting or trimming it gives you a natural look and allows you to customize your hairline. It would help if you trimmed it using a pair of scissors. When doing this, ensure not to cut too much of the lace off. Leave at least half an inch of lace from where the hairs start. This way, you have space for installation, especially when using glue. Cutting it too close to where the hairs start may also cause the hairs at the front to start falling off. Below are some tips for cutting the lace in the best way;

  • Start small
  • Create a middle-part on your lace front wig to make the trimming process effortless
  • Start cutting from the end towards the middle part of the wig or your hairline
  • Work in a wavy motion instead of a straight pattern
  • Work on customizing the perfect hairline as you cut off the excess lace

2. Trimming and plucking baby hairs on your lace front wig

Once you have the perfect hairline and your lace is correctly trimmed, you can now work on the hairs at the front of your lace front wig. Use a brush to comb back all the hairs and hold them in place with pins and a band. Proceed to pluck some of the hairs at the front with a pair of tweezers to tame the wig and give it a natural look. From there, use a comb to get out a line or two of hairs at the front. Cut a few inches off the hair from the bottom. The shorter hairs will function as the baby hairs.

In a nutshell

Before installing your lace front wig, you must first cut or trim the lace at the front then pluck the wig. This enhances its appearance and makes it look natural. If you do not trust your trimming or cutting skills, you can always seek help from a professional hairstylist.


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