Different Faucets That Suit Your Style and Needs


Your homes are not limited to a few choices for interior décor anymore. There is a range of options for you to choose from. Selecting a faucet for your home is no different. Today, faucets are available in various colors, functionalities, designs, and more.

You can choose vintage-looking faucets or contemporary ones with advanced functions. They will not only help you clean up tasks at the sink and perform other functions but also look good.

With advanced technology, even more sophisticated options such as faucets that activate by using your voice. If you are struggling to choose a kitchen faucet that suits your style and needs, here is a little guide to help you. Keep reading.

Different types of Faucets to Suit Your Style

Faucets Direct

Choosing and installing the right faucet for your home can be a struggle, especially if you don’t know which one will fit best. faucets direct options are the most popular ones that we ofter use at home.

There are options for bidet faucets, faucets for your laundry, touchless faucets, voice-activated faucets, shower faucets, and more.

Touchless Voice Activated Faucets

The touchless faucets are activated by your voice command. This can be an excellent choice for contemporary homes. You just have to say the word, and it will be turned on. Set the faucet to preset levels of water quantity or let it fill specific amounts of water into the container, all by your voice command.

The one by the faucets direct has a motion sensor as well. This lets you pour water with a wave of your hand as well. Touchless faucets look elegant and sleek, and you can dispense the required water without touching them. This property can be especially as the pandemic showed us how important it is to keep things sanitized in the house. Without touching, you won’t have to sanitize your faucets as often.

Different types of Faucets to Suit Your Needs

Bathroom Faucets

There are several choices of faucets available for your bathroom as well. The bidet faucets can be installed in your bathroom and are available in various sizes, colors, and spray patterns. You can find the bidet faucets in chrome, nickel, tones of gold and silver, and more. Choose a color that complements the interior of your bathroom.

There are handheld bidet options as well as dual spray ones. You can find ones with one lever handle and those with two or three lever handles. You can also choose a different number of spray holes for the faucets.

For bathrooms, there are a variety of sink faucets you can choose from as well. You can go for a center set, a vessel-style faucet, wall-mounted ones, widespread faucets, and more.

Kitchen And Sink Faucets

While kitchen faucets are believed to be more standard, several choices are now available for those as well. You can go for a pullout faucet where the spray handle can be detached and used, touchless faucets, bridge faucets, faucets with a side spray, including the regular commercial ones, and more.


The technology has enabled us to have various choices for all things home décor, including the faucets for different home rooms. Faucets are not limited to the standard function of dispensing water only anymore. Go bold with your choices of faucets. Choose unique colors, styles, and functionalities. Don’t be afraid to go for the new technology just because you have never used it before.


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