What Is A Vape Pod & How To Use It?


With the rise in the demand for E-Cigarettes, the market is filled with several products from a vape pod and vape mods. But due to so many products, it may confuse the users. What to buy and what not to buy, what suits one the best,and what doesn’t play a huge role in the experience that the user will get. In order for the user to have the best experience, it is necessary for them to know about the difference between Vape mods and Vape pods.

Elaborated Study of Vape Pods

In the fast life, the need for flexibility in the products that have to be used on a daily is very important. That is why vape pods have always been the best choice for products.

1. Working Structure

Vape pods are much more commonly used in public for daily usage. Here, pod cartridges are used and are attached to one E-Cigarette, which acts as a vaporizer. Various juices are present inside the pods. These juices are heated up to form the vapor that the user inhales.  These E-coils are usually wrapped in wicking material which allows easy smoking once the E-juice gets soaked through. This allows the user to vape continuously while each vape smoke has the best flavorful content. The heated E-coil usually heats up the E-juice that allowing the vapor to rise.

2. Pods Structure Details

Vape pods are smaller in size as compared to mods, even after attaching pod modifications. This allows the user flexibility. They fit easily into pockets and are easy to carry around. Also, vape pods are easy to carry in their hands  as the slender design allows the users to hold them easily. This way, the pods are the best for daily usage, without any hassle, when it comes to smoking on the go.

3. Power Consumption Details

Pods require lower wattage to function. This obviously means there is less amount of power in pod systems. However, despite that, pod systems work perfectly, almost comparable to the mod systems. These small systems can pack the punch of a bigger system without much hassle. Some companies, like UWELL have pods with long battery life which is perfect for anyone who requires vaping for an extended period of time.

4. How to Inhale Using Pods

When it comes to smoking pod systems, lip-to-lung inhalation works the best. Holding the vapor in the mouth for a moment before inhaling it into the lungs allows for a great throat sensation. Short breaths are usually perfect when it comes to using pods.

Where to Buy a Vape Pod?


The UWELL is a very safe choice for any type of smoker, beginner,or veteran. They have everything from various vape mods to various vape pods. Anything the user might want to pick is available for them. They also provide the customers with an amazing warranty for 6 months after buying which ensures the best use of the products and long-lasting products. Their customer service and site are extremely helpful to clear any doubts the user may have.


For anyone who wishes to smoke E-Cigarettes, UWELL should be their go-to. The company provides anything and everything the customer might need.  From various mods of various sizes to vape pods etc., UWELL has the customers covered. This company provides the best service and has the best catalog when it comes to buying  vapes.


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